judith pollie & fien dumortieR

W(A)ILD, but (very) loyal!

Jpo: “6 years ago, I photographed my 1st wedding & immediately fell in love with it.

Bringing a personal story and adding our style to it.  Until today, that's our primary goal. Telling a story that's YOU.

Sometimes & bit w(a)ild, blurry, out of focus. But in the end, everything alines.  Just like a marriage ;-).”

Fien: “After my studies in Design & Photography, I started as a social manager at HABLAR, Judith's 2nd company.

On the weekends, I could put my creativity to the test as a 2nd photographer during weddings. An unknown passion that I was keen to explore.

When Judith asked me to join her in the wedding industry, I didn't even have to think twice. It's a WAILD match!"

“When I get my hands on you
gonna make you carry me
When I get my hands on you
gonna make you marry me”